Calvin Teng

Calvin Teng

Calvin Chih-Hao Teng, from Taichung, Taiwan - The artist shares this statement.

"Don’t like over-elaborate formalities. Don’t enjoy citing classic works. Not good at giving long-winded statement. I only use ingenuity, simplicity, modesty, and intuition to share and examine my notion of creativity.

Through self-awareness, I realize that life goes on. Through sunlight, air and water, my paintings begin to breathe. With deep Chinese cultural influences, I wonder through the imaginary, three-dimensional space constructed by virtual and real images. Filled with dramatic tension at times, Or with calming rhythms at another, I turn poetry into paintings.

Everything I paint, Has not only become living artworks that breathe, But also a window to the soul. Like shadows casted by wielding a sword, Intangibles are there to paint. I Paint, Therefore I Am."


Calvin's work is on display at The Whistler Contemporary Gallery at the Four Seasons, and Hilton. 

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