Jane Waterous

Jane Waterous is a multidisciplinary artist holding international acclaim. Born in Ontario, Canada in 1959 she went on to study at Queens University, Ontario College of Art & Design, Sheridan College and completed her MFA at New York University.

Jane Waterous is known for her diverse series of work created with acrylic, resin and neon installation however she is best known for her Gatherings series which won her the prestigious Solo Artist Award in 2012 at the New York Art Expo. Her Gatherings, sculpture-like 3-dimensional figures, are the embodiment of 3 decades of work. Each painting literally and figuratively jumps off the canvas and dances in a synergistic halo of light, depth, color and action. They are a celebration of the Human Spirit.

 “The work you see today is the product of a life lived. It is those past and present experiences that motivate me to create.  Everything that matters happ... READ MORE

Jane Waterous
Block Party by Jane Waterous
Block Party
36 x 36 in.
Circle of Trust 72 by Jane Waterous
Circle of Trust 72
72 x 72 in.
Come Together by Jane Waterous
Come Together
36 x 36 in.
Couples in LOVE by Jane Waterous
Couples in LOVE
36 x 36 in.
Family Circle (H) by Jane Waterous
Family Circle (H)
36 x 36 in.
Flash Mob (1558) by Jane Waterous
Flash Mob (1558)
36 x 36 in.
Gathering Crowd by Jane Waterous
Gathering Crowd
36 x 36 in.
Heart Full by Jane Waterous
Heart Full
36 x 36 in.
Kiss Me by Jane Waterous
Kiss Me
48 x 48 in.
LOVE (O) by Jane Waterous
72 x 72 in.
LOVE Fills Me by Jane Waterous
LOVE Fills Me
60 x 48 in.