Patrick Pepin

Patrick Pepin is an auto-didactic painter who works from an abstraction of action. Using his unique style and brilliant colour palette, he has left his mark on the art scene. Pepin's varied experiences in global and artistic journey are unique to his life beliefs. For many years, Pepin's travels have influenced and challenged him in every aspect of his life. Inspired by his travels, Pepin's art reflects freedom, movement, and decisions that he makes spontaneously on the road and in the process of creation. Pepin's paintings, he says, represents a sincere and frank confession. They are in a state of realised detachment and enforced by spontaneous gestures in calculated disorder. They often express repressed images belonging to the realm of dreams and the unconscious. They are created in several steps, by successive layers. For Pepin there exists a link between travel and his artistic process. Here lays the journey that matters to him, the decisions he makes during realisation of the paintings and which appear to be irreversible choices. Thus in his works all is not determined in advance. Pepin likes to think outside the box to explore new avenues, likewise travelling in unknown la... READ MORE
Patrick Pepin
Compassion by Patrick Pepin
60 x 60 in.
Concentration by Patrick Pepin
60 x 24 in.
Eternal by Patrick Pepin
48 x 48 in.
Lao-Tzu by Patrick Pepin
30 x 40 in.
Milarepa by Patrick Pepin
30 x 40 in.
Present by Patrick Pepin
60 x 60 in.