Paul Garbett

I am inspired by nature and captivated by human nature. My paintings call the viewers’ attention to the works of art that are all around us; the art that we miss in our everyday lives. My stylistic journey begins with the influence of the impressionists and tonalists, such as American painter John Henry Twachtman and of course Claude Monet. As my painting develops and concepts evolve, a move towards the borderline of realism and abstraction is imminent. Currently I am painting in encaustic, or hot wax painting. This centuries old art form provides unique textural qualities and a challenging complexity. I have only scratched the surface, so to speak, of this incredible medium. My painting is an attempt to capture the true essence of anything that stirs the soul.
Paul Garbett
Bear Head #60-12 by Paul Garbett
Bear Head #60-12
54 x 54 in.
Mother & Cubs #61-15 by Paul Garbett
Mother & Cubs #61-15
48 x 48 in.