Rebecca Kinkead

Rebecca Kinkead’s compelling paintings contemplate the collective human experience. Basing her most recent body of work on memories both personal and borrowed, Kinkead considers the relationships, moments of anticipation, and moments of triumph that we often share. A strong sense of emotion and weighted meaning are expressed through the generously applied paint that has been built up in a tactile way, dripping and puckering to create rich surfaces from which her figures emerge. Details and features remain ambiguous, inviting the viewer to seek something of themselves in the work. A graduate of the University of Vermont and Minnesota State University, Kinkead has been exhibiting her work nationally since 1999. In 2004, she received the Ballinglen Arts Foundation Fellowship. She currently lives and paints full-time in Ferrisburgh, Vermont.

Rebecca Kinkead
Bald Eagle (Hunting) by Rebecca Kinkead
Bald Eagle (Hunting)
58 x 64 in.
Jump (Blue Sky) by Rebecca Kinkead
Jump (Blue Sky)
50 x 37 in.