David Phelps

“The general theme embodied in my figurative sculpture is a sense of perseverance, optimism, and humor being embraced in the face of adversity. I was raised on a farm and to a certain extent my imagery grows out of my emotional and visual experiences of those early years. How deeply those experiences are ingrained in my subconscious becomes apparent when I consider that almost all my dreams involve the farm in some way. An influential memory was my visceral reaction to the cracks in the ditches that naturally resulted from the interaction of dirt, water, and sun. Another powerful memory was the anxiety, fear and hope experienced living through times of flood and drought. I use the cracked surfaces and the illusion of the figure emerging from the ground plane to communicate to the viewer something basic and fundamental about those remembered feelings in the hope that a deep chord of familiarity will be struck, appreciated, and acknowledged.” After graduating from Humboldt State University with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Ceramics David moved to Norman, Oklahoma in 1980 to attend graduate school and received his MFA in sculpture in 1984. He was awarded a regional NEA... READ MORE

David Phelps
Daydreamer 33/125 by David Phelps
Daydreamer 33/125
3.5 x 10 in.
Dive by David Phelps
11 x 8 in.
Pastoral Dreamer X1 ed./24 by David Phelps
Pastoral Dreamer X1 ed./24
17 x 59 x 31 in.
Tracker by David Phelps
9 x 15 in.