JALLEN is a successful artist who is fascinated with nature and chaos. From formal stripes to abstracted landscapes it is what lays beneath that intrigues her. The suggestion of beauty from chaotic layers invites the viewer to explore her work and interpret the visual language of form colour and line. In the latest series, JALLEN continues to use a process of addition and subtraction of paint to create her artwork. Into this mix, she has introduced wild scratches carved into the panel, resulting in paintings that feel both natural and abstracted. Having sold privately for many years she has finally succumbed to the persistence of galleries to exhibit publicly. Her works can be found in private and corporate collections. JALLEN resides in British Columbia, Canada.

Bewilded #6 by Jallen
Bewilded #6
48 x 24 in.
Bewilded #9 by Jallen
Bewilded #9
48 x 24 in.
Nymphalidae #0428 by Jallen
Nymphalidae #0428
72 x 72 in.
Papillion Bleu by Jallen
Papillion Bleu
60 x 60 in.