Melanie Simard

Mélanie started studying various art techniques as early as nine years old. After years of experience, acrylic paint has become the medium of choice for the artist. Simard is already known as "Melan" by her very successful still life paintings. However, she wanted to explore new venues as an artist. Her need to expand her knowledge obliged her to try different mediums.It is this very research that brought her in contact with a cold and rigid substance called aluminium. Since Simard has made its discovery, aluminium has taken on a new meaning. Simard mounts the aluminium foil on a textured canvas. In this new environment, the metal matter takes on a second life. She also uses this rough material in a more direct approach. Using aluminium plates, she does not hesitate to sand or scratch them in order to awaken surprising textures and effects. Always adding the vibrant palette of colours for which she is known. With a combination of her thoughts and emotions, written in simple words, her pieces signed Simard make us more aware of the time, the life, and the space that surround us.

Melanie Simard
Amour Tant Convoite by Melanie Simard
Amour Tant Convoite
40 x 40 in.
Force Interieure* by Melanie Simard
Force Interieure*
36 x 36 in.
Sortir de lEnnui by Melanie Simard
Sortir de lEnnui
24 x 24 in.
Symbiose Eternelle by Melanie Simard
Symbiose Eternelle
24 x 24 in.