Michael Soltis


“Letter, numbers and images are used to visually communicate a thought or idea - arranged into a specific order so that others are able to "decode" the message. In my work I use letters, numbers and images in non-traditional ways and incorporate color, lines and various mixed media elements to build structure and draw out themes and ideas that connect us to past experiences or memories. The goal is not only to showcase the beauty inherent in the elements themselves, but also to engage both the logical side of the brain, which wants to decode the message and the creative side, which desires to find its own unique experience.”

Michael Soltis is an American/Canadian visual artist currently residing in Delta, British Columbia. Soltis was a film and television actor for several years however his passion has always been visual art and his work has been shown in several galleries throughout North America and been featured in Canadian Ho... READ MORE

Michael Soltis
Light Me Up by Michael Soltis
Light Me Up
48 x 48 in.