Andre Monet

Inspired by cinema, photography, music and literature, Monet has a natural connection and sense for the current society and his contemporaries.
His signature conceptual assemblage of text texture and color exudes eccentricity and empowerment of its time, exemplifying the characters and personalities of its icons.
Born in Montreal, Monet studied graphic design at Laval University while exploring other mediums in fine art. He worked in fashion and advertisement before he dedicated himself to be a full time artist.
Monet explored various mediums such as mosaic, collage and acrylics.
More recently, he turned to the portrait. But not just any kind of portrait: blending collage of old newspapers and books, painting and varnishing, the traits of his characters are recreated with such precision that one might see a realistic photography arising from a distance. This new production reveals the strengths and weaknesses of individuals appearing on the canvases.
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Andre Monet
Kate Moss by Andre Monet
Kate Moss
36 x 48 in.
Nobody Else But You by Andre Monet
Nobody Else But You
36 x 48 in.