Jonathan Severin

Jonathan Séverin is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist whose work explores the close connection between shape, movement, and form. Because he is very drawn to the beauty of purist objects, furniture, and architecture, he explores different ways to create destabilizing architectural lines when the environment is too bland and shapeless.

 Drawing from modern and pop art, he captures the finest details of objects, landscapes, and light in his work. 

With great energy, sensitivity, and emotion, he produces fascinating pieces, without trying to pre-define what direction he wants to take. As a result, he uses geometric lines to create well-balanced compositions that are also destabilizing for the viewer. 

 His paintings are also somewhat like a mirage, where a seemingly straight line becomes sinuous when you look at them from another point of view. The artist defines his work as being a form of INTERFERENCE and DISTORTION.

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Jonathan Severin
L-40 by Jonathan Severin
48 x 48 in.