Annie Labbe

Annie Labbé's paintings are mainly focused on the theme of 'territory' seeing from the inside and also about boundaries.. Her research takes a visual form through large format paintings on acrylic and grouped into three different series called: 'Landscape', 'Squares' and 'Architecture'. Each of the series develops its universe with the juxtaposition of saturated colors combining neutral tones, perspectives, open and closed spaces. Her 'Architectural' series is a visual research about the concept of an imaginary land play... There are stairs that intersect like a labyrinth making illusions to buildings, streets and bridges too. Her aesthetic evokes different places of the cities; these organizations modulate our territory by dividing it. Annie transforms these territories and goes beyond the concept of architecture pushing the pictorial limits on her artwork.
Annie Labbe
Dream House by Annie Labbe
Dream House
30 x 30 in.
Kids Games by Annie Labbe
Kids Games
48 x 48 in.