Pietro Adamo

Pietro Adamo is a luminary. As a practicing artist, he has received numerous prestigious accolades. As a visual arts teacher, he is respected for imparting creative insight and inspiration to his accomplished students. His genius lies in the bold personal expression that illuminates his work and transforms the blank canvas into the symbolic message that connects the artist uniquely to each viewer.
Threads of visceral emotion are woven into the very fabric of Adamo’s abstract compositions. This emotion is transmitted through expression that can enlighten and even transcend reality. He has formulated his own painted vocabulary- a paradoxical language of brushstrokes that reads simultaneously as both simple and complex. Colour, texture and movement populate these compositions with an ordered sense of chaos.
Nature is the artist’s muse. Adamo’s paintings reflect an intense affinity for his natural surroundings. He finds an oasis of inspiration during his treks along the Humber River... READ MORE
Pietro Adamo
Cool Fever I by Pietro Adamo
Cool Fever I
24 x 48 in.
Cool Fever II by Pietro Adamo
Cool Fever II
40 x 40 in.