Judy Cheng

Judy Cheng is a Vancouver artist who studied under the guidance and influence of local artist Gordon Smith. Her landscapes and winter scenes reflect the natural surroundings of Vancouver to Whistler. She is a pure painter and the subject is just the start.

"The creative process is understanding what lies beneath the paint and the more you see
the more you want to be in it."

“For many years I have been privileged to have known and worked with great architects and artists. I have taught at all levels, at UBC, Emily Carr and others.
Judy and Jim Cheng have been friends of mine for many years. Judy has visited my studio and shown me her work; she understands what painting is all about. Before it is a landscape it is the act of painting, like a de Kooning.
We have shared experiences photographing images together, but her painting is her own and I admire her work very much. I have learned from her”
Judy Cheng
Snowpath I by Judy Cheng
Snowpath I
60 x 60 in.
Snowy Path by Judy Cheng
Snowy Path
48 x 60 in.
Valley by Judy Cheng
60 x 72 in.
Winter by Judy Cheng
60 x 72 in.
Winter Landscape by Judy Cheng
Winter Landscape
60 x 72 in.
Woods by Judy Cheng
60 x 72 in.