Mike Hammer

Mike Hammer’s work ignites riveting sparks of colour, texture, and movement. His solo exhibits in New York, Toronto, Amsterdam, and California have received rave reviews. Born in Calgary and raised in Toronto, he received his Bachelor of Arts and his Bachelor of Education from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario in 1996-7.

The shimmering colours and tactile allure of his optically engaging Stripes paintings have garnered Hammer considerable interest. His works can be found in many private and public collections both in Canada and abroad.

“My aim is to produce vibrant and original non-representational works of art. The works of Jackson Pollock and his energetic style have had a lasting impact on my art making process. The resulting variations, from linear controlled stripes to wild free-wheeling stripes, represent an evolution of my exploration with the stripes motif.”
Mike Hammer
Darlene by Mike Hammer
24 x 60 in.
Fantacy Flutter Fly by Mike Hammer
Fantacy Flutter Fly
24 x 60 in.
Mondrian by Mike Hammer
24 x 24 in.
Sensitive Sun by Mike Hammer
Sensitive Sun
18 x 18 in.
Your Holiday #2 by Mike Hammer
Your Holiday #2
24 x 48 in.