Bogdan Molea

When taken as a whole- Bogdan Molea’s painting’s appear as a sensitive detachment assumed, in order, to face the challenges and tensions of our times. Examining Molea’s preoccupation with shape and space as well as the notion of gravity, Molea’s detailed paintings present a larger-than-life representation of ordinary objects.

Born in Romania, Bogdan Molea graduated with a Master of Fine Art Degree from the Monumental Art and Restoration Section of the Nicolae Grigorescu Fine Art Institute in Bucharest.Since 1987, Molea has worked in his own studio, where he designs and works on architectural and ambient spaces.Molea also participates in other projects of monumental art and restorations of ancient mural paintings.
Bogdan Molea
Admiral 1 by Bogdan Molea
Admiral 1
48 x 48 in.
Armada by Bogdan Molea
48 x 48 in.
Dragonfly by Bogdan Molea
48 x 48 in.
Escort by Bogdan Molea
36 x 48 in.
Kite by Bogdan Molea
40 x 60 in.
portal by Bogdan Molea
48 x 48 in.
Three Silver Leaves by Bogdan Molea
Three Silver Leaves
40 x 40 in.
Traveler by Bogdan Molea
48 x 48 in.